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Rainwater Hoppers

Rainwater hoppers, or hopper heads, are a vital but often overlooked part of an efficient rainwater collection system. They are essentially an open box that sits above the downpipes where the gutters empty the rainwater into.

Rainwater hoppers come in various materials, each offering various benefits. Aluminium hoppers are considered a middle ground offering the benefits of all the other major materials. The Aluminium Superstore has an extensive selection of aluminium hoppers to serve all your needs and requirements.

Functions of Rainwater Hoppers

Aluminium hoppers serve several functions. The hoppers are just for decorative purposes for most people, especially for traditional and heritage projects. But, hoppers have other functions as well.


Hoppers are usually added to a gutter system because of the aesthetic appeal they add. This is the case for aluminium hoppers because they feature decorative motifs. The hoppers provide premium space for customisation to add attention-grabbing details and customised motifs or numbers that add uniqueness to the project.

Increasing downpipe capacity

Naturally, downpipes have water carrying capacity of about 33%. Most of the space is occupied by air. Adding a hopper increases the capacity of the downpipe to 100% through the siphonic action. The hopper pushes water down the downpipes creating a vacuum that sucks water through the pipe at a higher rate. If your gutters overflow during a heavy downpour, adding a hopper can help solve the problem before installing new and larger gutters.

Gather a collection of flows into one pipe

You can use hoppers to minimise the need to have multiple downpipes, which can negatively affect the aesthetics of the building. Hoppers allow you to bring together multiple flows into one downpipe. Without the hopper, you will need different downpipes at various roof sections coming together. With the hopper, multiple gutters drain into the hopper, which diverts the water into one downpipe.

Why You Should Buy Aluminium Rainwater Hoppers

Aluminium hoppers strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. They offer the benefits of cast iron hoppers without the weight and the benefits of galvanised steel with easier installation and more customisation. Some of the reasons why aluminium hoppers are an excellent choice include;


Aluminium is a lightweight material that weighs about a third of cast iron and steel density. The lightweight nature of aluminium makes aluminium hoppers easy to install. The hoppers exert less weight on the fascia board and require less effort to keep in place. The hoppers remain securely in place longer.

Impact resistance

Despite its low weight, aluminium is strong. In case of impact, an aluminium hopper deforms instead of cracking. Although deformed, it ensures continued performance, but it doesn't leak and doesn't require replacement.

UV light resistance

Like other hoppers, aluminium rainwater hoppers receive a lot of praise for their appealing finish when new. But unlike other hoppers, aluminium hoppers have a high resistance to exposure to UV light. The hoppers don't become brittle or fade because UV light and weather elements are exposed. You can enjoy the attractive finish with aluminium hoppers longer because the colour remains intact.

Temperature and fire resistance

Aluminium properties remain constant with temperature. Aluminium is classified as a non-combustible material. Adding aluminium hoppers to your projects means in case of a fire, the hoppers will not melt or spread the flames. If the heat reaches the melting point of aluminium which is about 650 degrees Celsius, the metal doesn’t release any harmful gases when melting.

At low temperatures, aluminium maintains its properties. In fact, in cold weather, aluminium becomes tougher.

Minimal maintenance

The most maintenance aluminium rainwater hoppers require regular cleaning to keep them free from leaves and debris. Once a year, you can also clean the hopper with soapy water to keep it clean and prolong its service life.


It's not just aluminium hoppers, but all aluminium gutters are recyclable. Aluminium's properties don't degrade during the recycling, which means the material can be recycled endlessly. Aluminium recycling is highly energy-efficient, making aluminium hoppers a greener and more environmentally-friendly choice.

Leading Aluminium Hoppers Supplier in the UK

The Aluminium Superstore is a leading supplier of rainwater hoppers in the UK. We have an expansive selection of hoppers to cater to various applications. We pride ourselves on delivering quality guttering solutions, diversity, and an excellent customer experience. Our aluminium hoppers are;


Aluminium has high corrosion resistance. We improve this vital property by adding a high-quality polyester powder coat layer on our aluminium hoppers. The coat also adds a nice finish to the hoppers.

Come in different designs

Rainwater hoppers have a decorative function, so the design is a critical aspect worth considering. Our range of rainwater heads includes;

  • Pressed hoppers – Our pressed aluminium hoppers come in a variety of profiles. This is the most basic hopper we have, perfect for buildings going for a simple or minimalist design.
  • Cast hoppers – Our cast aluminium hoppers are more detailed, featuring moulded details. These are perfect for buildings looking for details, particularly traditional buildings that want to retain that vintage Victorian appearance.
  • Motifs – Aluminium hopper motifs are perfect for projects requiring additional detail or customisation. We have multiple motifs you can choose from and the option of getting specially made motifs to customise the hopper even further. If aesthetics are a priority, you should consider adding the motifs.

They come in different colours

We can deliver our aluminium gutters in a vast range of RAL and classic BS colours. The vast range of options ensures you get hoppers that can work with the current theme of your project. If you want the hopper colour matched but can't find the colours in our RAL collection, you can reach out to our team for customised hoppers.

Come in different shapes and sizes

The hoppers come in different shapes and sizes. Standard sizes start at 63" for round and square outlets. We also have 76mm and 101mm sizes for both square and round profiles. We have 101x76mm sizes that can work with the downpipe if you have rectangular downpipes.

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