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Aluminium Guttering

At the Aluminium Superstore we supply UK manufacturer ARP’s Aluminium rainwater guttering, downpipes and accessories. We have a variety of Cast or Extruded Aluminium and Pressed Aluminium options to cover any type of project requirements.

We have a full range of Traditional & Contemporary designs of aluminium guttering and downpipe products available, including:

  • Half Round and Moulded and Victorian OG aluminium gutters
  • Pressed aluminium box gutters
  • Round, Square and Rectangular profile downpipes
  • Plus a full range of aluminium fittings and accessories, and decorative items.

    We offer first class customer service, with a ‘the customer is always right’ attitude. With our many years experience in the rainwater industry we are able to give all of our customers a truly satisfying working relationship.

    We supply direct to both trade and public & offer the most competitive prices along with the best quality aluminium products on the market.

    We also deliver direct to you, wherever you need within 10 working days


    Gutters play a critical role in protecting your home against rainwater. It's critical that you choose proper gutters for your home based on the durability, ease of installation, appearance and maintenance of the gutters. Aluminium gutters rank highly in each category.

    The Aluminium Superstore has a full range of aluminium gutters to help you enjoy the benefits and convenience of aluminium gutters. You have to choose the gutter that suits your project best.

    Why You Should Install Aluminium Gutters

    You will rarely go wrong with aluminium gutters. They provide numerous benefits that guarantee superior protection for your home and cost-effectiveness.


    Aluminium gutters have exceptional durability. The gutters can last up to 50 years before showing signs of wear and tear. The gutters get their unique durability properties from aluminium's unique strength and the aluminium oxide layer that protects the gutters from any damage. The gutters can last even longer with enhanced protective coat technologies depending on the coat used to finish the gutters.


    Aluminium gutters are lighter than galvanised steel or cast iron gutters. Being lightweight makes the gutters easy to install. They don't exert much pressure on the fascia or the gutter brackets, keeping the gutters firmly and securely attached for longer.

    The lightweight features of aluminium gutters don't impact the strength. They weigh a fraction of the weight of cast iron gutters, but they are nearly as strong as galvanised steel gutters. A keen balance ensures you get the best performance without adding too much weight to your fascia boards.


    Aluminium is endlessly recyclable and reusable. When your gutters get to the end of their life, you can send them for recycling. The gutters have a low carbon footprint, and they don't produce any harmful chemicals.


    Aluminium has a high melting point, making it an ideal material in public buildings. In case of fire, aluminium will not spread the flames and because it doesn't melt quickly, it will reduce damage to property in case of a fire.

    Low maintenance

    Once correctly installed, aluminium gutters only require periodic cleaning and inspection to prevent clogging and blockages. Because aluminium has high corrosion resistance, the chances of small holes developing and causing leaks are limited.

    Leading Supplier of Aluminium Guttering in the UK

    Aluminium Superstore has a comprehensive stock hold of aluminium gutters from leading manufacturers to guarantee superior performance and durability.


    We offer three types of aluminium gutters. Each type has gutters in different profiles to suit different needs.

    Cast iron gutters

    Our aluminium gutters have the most expansive features and multiple gutter profiles. The gutters come in multiple sizes and colours.

    • Plain half-round – This is the most common gutter profile. It has a simple but elegant design with a smooth finish. According to the project requirements, we can deliver our plain half round, cast aluminium gutters in various standard and custom finishes
    • Beaded half-round – We have beaded half-round, cast iron gutters for a project that requires more sophistication and character. This selection of gutters has a unique decorative design perfect for modern and traditional buildings. We can deliver the gutters in standard and custom finishes.
    • Deep beaded-half round – Deep beaded half-round gutters are perfect for properties with a high-pitched roof of large surface areas. The gutters have higher water carrying capacity, making them ideal for areas with high precipitation.
    • Moulded OG – Moulded gutters are perfect for projects that require a more vintage appearance.

    Extruded aluminium gutters

    Our extruded aluminium gutter range features gutters in the same profiles as the cast aluminium selection. The only difference is that extruded aluminium gutters are stronger than the cast iron options. The extruded aluminium gutter profiles include;

    • Beaded half-round
    • Deep beaded-half round
    • Vintage OG

    These gutters have the same appearance and come in the same diverse range of finishes. The only difference is that the gutters are made from extruded aluminium.

    Pressed aluminium gutters 

    We have aluminium box gutters. Box gutters have a unique, seamless design that works perfectly for most commercial properties. Box gutters have great aesthetics and carry the same impressive features as other aluminium gutters.

    Exceptional Variety

    At Aluminium Superstore, you're not limited in the type of aluminium gutters you can select for your project. We offer various options to our clients, including the complete installation set for aluminium gutters to guarantee easy and convenient installation. The aluminium gutter products and accessories we stock include;

    • Aluminium gutters
    • Aluminium downpipes
    • Bends
    • Brackets and hangers
    • Outlets


    All our aluminium guttering components come in various sizes. You can select from various gutter sizes depending on the needs of your project.

    Finishes and colours

    We can deliver aluminium gutters in various colours and finishes. The most common finish is the smooth finish, which is standard for our gutter selection. We also have textured aluminium gutter finishes. The textured finishes are perfect for projects that want a cast iron appearance but not genuine cast iron gutters.

    We can supply both finishes in standard or customised colours. We have an extensive RAL colour range that you can choose from depending on the project. We can also have the gutters colour-matched to the colour theme of the rest of the property.

    We have several standard colours available. The standard colours have a shorter turnaround time, while the custom colours are made on order.

    Why Choose Aluminium Superstore?

    When purchasing aluminium guttering, you should buy the gutters from a reputable and reliable supplier. The Aluminium Superstore has years of experience distributing quality aluminium gutters to commercial and residential clients. With us, you’re assured of;

    • Quality materials – Our aluminium gutters are made from the best quality materials using tested methods to guarantee durability and performance. The gutters will hold on to their paint and finish longer, giving your property an appealing finish for longer.
    • Fast delivery – We have an expansive stockholder of aluminium gutters in our standard configurations ready for next-day delivery to most parts of the country. We can also have specially manufactured gutters delivered within a short time to keep your project on schedule.
    • The lowest prices – Aluminium Superstore has the lowest aluminium guttering prices. If you can find another supplier with lower prices, we have the lowest price match guarantee to match that price.

    Aluminium gutters and rainwater products have been a popular choice for many years. They're hard-wearing and modern, giving a smart look to any building. Modern aluminium gutters and rainwater pipes look elegant and are extremely durable. Pressed aluminium, extruded aluminium and traditional cast aluminium enable you to select the look you want for your project.

    Aluminium guttering is also much more durable than plastic guttering, more sustainable and environmentally-friendly too, as it can be recycled when it finally comes to the end of its life.

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