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Aluminum Hoppers

Aluminium Hoppers

At the Aluminium Superstore we have a huge range of Cast or Pressed Aluminium Hoppers with a range of RAL colour options available in stock to be polyester powder coated and delivered direct to you within 10 working days.

Just click on the on the type of Aluminium Hoppers you require and the site will display all the products you are likely to need to finish the job.

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Hoppers are vital to the performance of your gutter system. Hoppers are often thought of as an ornamental addition to the gutters. While they add some aesthetic appeal, they are more performance than aesthetics.

If you have an aluminium guttering system in place, you should also have aluminium hoppers. We have a vast selection of hoppers at the Aluminum Superstore to cater to all guttering systems and sizes. The hoppers also cater to different architectural styles and come in multiple RAL colours.

Why You Need Aluminium Hoppers

Hoppers play several roles in the functioning of your gutters, protecting your property and curb appeal. Although they are a small component, they are not something you should take lightly when selecting because of their vital roles.

Syphoning flow

One of the critical roles of hoppers is increasing the water carrying capacity of downpipes by creating a syphoning flow. This function because increasingly crucial in areas that receive a lot of rainfall.

The hoppers collect water and create a vacuum inside the downpipe, increasing the water carrying capacity of the pipe from just 33% to almost 100%. This dramatically increases the diversion ability of the guttering system. If your guttering system is always overflowing when it rains, adding hoppers could significantly improve its efficiency.


Having hoppers can reduce installation costs while maintaining the efficiency of the rainwater collection system. You have two gutters directed to one hopper, emptying into one downpipe. With proper installation, you can cut the number of downpipes required for your system by half. It creates a cleaner and neater exterior by reducing the number of downpipes running down the side of the building.

Ornamental effect

Hoppers have some aesthetic value. With aluminium hoppers, that aesthetic value increases because of the smooth, elegant and colourful appearance that the hoppers have. The vast range of colours that our hoppers come in also increases the curb appeal of the hoppers and the gutter system in general.

Advantages of Aluminium Hoppers

Choosing to install aluminium hoppers is a sound decision with multiple benefits for the property and environment. These benefits include;


Aluminium hoppers are the lightest of all metal hoppers. Despite being light, the hoppers are nearly as strong as their steel counterparts. That makes installation easy and guarantees that the hoppers can withstand the elements outdoors.


Aluminium hoppers have exceptional properties that make them better suited for the job. Aluminium has an inert aluminium oxide coat that keeps the material safe from weather elements. Aluminium doesn’t rust or corrode. Aluminium hoppers can last for many years with minimal maintenance.

It's not just the durable aluminium but also the polyester powder-coated layers that the hoppers come with. The hoppers will not just be longer but will also look better longer.


Aluminium is endlessly recyclable and reusable. When your hoppers and other guttering products come to their end of life, you can have them recycled. Aluminium hoppers are not made from any harmful chemicals, and they don't leech harmful chemicals into the soil. Aluminium hoppers are perfect for homeowners keen on protecting the environment.

Easy installation

Aluminium hoppers are easy to install, especially if you're installing them with the rest of your guttering system. The hoppers have a click-fit design that provides a seamless seal with the downpipes. The hoppers don't require any special tools or skills to install.


The initial cost of installing aluminium hoppers might be higher than opting for other more affordable materials like PVC. However, the long-term costs are more effective. The hoppers last longer than the more affordable varieties, they're not affected by UV light, and you don't have to worry about regular replacement and repairs. The long-term costs of having aluminium hoppers are minimum.

Leading Aluminium Hoppers Supplier in the UK

The Aluminium Superstore is a leading aluminium gutter systems supplier in the UK. We stock a vast range of aluminium gutter products, including aluminium hoppers. We have vast experience in guttering and gutter systems. We cater to all clients no matter how demanding their requests are. Some of the reasons why we are considered a leading aluminium gutters supplier in the UK include;

Top-quality products

We have partnered with the most reputable manufacturers to provide the best quality aluminium gutters and hoppers. We only stock and supply the best quality products from the highest-rated manufacturers in the country. You can always rely on our aluminium hoppers' quality, longevity, and durability.

Speedy delivery

We are about offering a convenient and efficient service to our customers. We have speedy delivery services that will ensure you get the gutters and hopper on-site at the right time to guarantee you keep your project on schedule. Most of our aluminium hoppers are available for next-day delivery while specially manufactured ones can be available within a short time.


Even with aluminium hoppers, you should have plenty of options. It allows you to select the best-suited options for your project. At Aluminium Superstore, our aluminium hoppers come in various options. We have hoppers in varying sizes and colours. The hoppers can also be colour matched to the rest of the property. You can purchase hoppers that blend in with the rest of the theme or contrast.

Supply direct to trade and public

Aluminium Superstore has the latest manufactured hoppers. We source the hoppers from the leading manufacturers in the UK and ship the products directly to trade and the public. This allows us to cut out the intermediaries and storage costs. This way, we can provide our clients with the latest products in the market while keeping the product cost low.

Lowest price-match guarantee

You can enjoy the convenience of shopping in the Aluminium Superstore and guarantee to get quality products all the time. We sweeten the deal by including a lower price match guarantee, so you always know that you're getting the best deals on Aluminium Superstore. We have incredible discounts to help you save money, and we also have the lowest price match guarantee, so you're always assured you're getting the best prices for every order.  

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