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Shop from a selection of sundries for aluminium gutters, downpipes and fixings to help keep your guttering system functioning smoothly. You'll find everything you need, from installation to maintenance and repairs, to get the job done.

Aluminium Guttering Accessories

Find a complete range of fixings and sealants for our aluminium guttering products. Choose gutter fixings, silicone sealant, touch-up paint, and more.

Gutter Maintenance

Touch-up paint in a range of colours

Touch-up paint allows for flawless cosmetic repairs, preserving the appearance of your gutters. Our 125ml touch-up paint pots are available in standard colours. Custom colours can be ordered on request.

Touch-up paint is easily applied with a brush to conceal any scratches or blemishes on your aluminium gutters. Achieve a flawless colour match for virtually invisible repairs.

Our stocked colour range includes anthracite grey, basalt grey, jet black, dusty grey, agate grey, moss green, white, and more from our standard colour options.

Gutter Sealant

Dow Aluminium Corning Silicone Sealant

Manufactured by Dow, DOWSIL™ 791 is a single-component, medium-modulus, neutral-curing silicone sealant designed for weather-sealing applications. Dow Corning 791 creates a flexible and robust silicone rubber weather seal joint for buildings.

Available in black or translucent.

Arbosil 1096

Arbosil 1096 S is a one-part Low Modulus Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant from Arbo. Arbsosil 1096 cures on moisture vapour exposure to form an elastic silicone rubber.

Arbosil 1096 colours available include:

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