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Harmer Outlets - Aluminium Flat Roof Drainage Outlet

Harmer Outlets

Aluminium Superstore now stocks Harmer roof outlets as well as a large range of aluminium guttering products. Harmer outlets are designed to be compatible with various waterproofing systems and building constructions, ensuring optimal functionality.

With an impressive expected lifespan of up to 40 years in rural and suburban areas and up to 25 years in industrial and marine environments, Harmer outlets provide a reliable, long-term solution. They are also 100% recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly choice for your projects.

Aluminium outlets connect to individual downpipes and are ideal for flat roof structures made of in-situ cast concrete, timber, or lightweight metal deck construction.

Why Choose Harmer Outlets?

At Aluminium Superstore, we pride ourselves on offering quality products from trusted suppliers and offer the best aluminium rainwater systems in the UK. That's why we've added the Harmer metal rainwater outlet range. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for metal rainwater outlets for your next project:

  • Expert Engineering: Harmer outlets are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring superior performance and longevity.
  • Versatile Applications: Whether you have a reinforced concrete, timber deck or green roof, Harmer outlets are adaptable
  • Sustainable Materials: Made from high-grade LM6 aluminium alloy,
  • High performance rainwater drainage system: Trouble-free performance roof outlets for various types of roof construction

Harmer Roof Outlets - Aluminium

Aluminium outlets are lightweight, robust and resistant to corrosion. Harmer roof outlets can drain up to 40% more roof area than traditional gravity outlets.

The Harmer Product Range

We have a range of roof drainage products from Harmer, including:

Harmer AV Aluminium Aluminium Roof Outlets

The Harmer Roof AV range of high-performance metal roof outlets features circular flanges, ideal for regular flat roof drainage with continuous membranes. You can choose outlets with spigots or screw connections for vertical discharge.

Harmer Roof AV Vertical rainwater outlets are designed for flat roof structures, whether in situ cast concrete, timber, or lightweight metal deck construction. They are designed for connecting to continuous waterproofing systems, including single ply membranes, mastic asphalt, high-performance built-up felt, and liquid-applied systems.

AV outlets are unsuitable for managed rainwater systems.

Key features:

  • High capacity aluminium flat roof outlets: Ideal for warm roofs, cold roofs and inverted roofs
  • Ideal for connecting to continuous waterproofing systems
  • Designed to create a secure connection to a downpipe
  • Harmer Roof AV Retro-Gulley outlets for flat roof refurbishment without removing old rainwater outlets
  • AV Multi-Gulley outlets available for variable angle discharge installation
  • Unsuitable for use in managed rainwater systems.

Harmer Roof Detail Aluminium

Harmer Detail Roof Outlets are designed to address various challenging detailing scenarios in building design and refurbishment. The range includes outlets for balconies, gullies and car parks.

Two-way outlets are available for areas where the roof surface meets a wall or parapet.

Harmer Aluminium Roof Detail Rainwater Outlets are designed for flat roofs, including in-situ cast concrete, timber, or lightweight metal deck construction. They are compatible with waterproofing systems like single-ply membranes, mastic asphalt, high-performance built-up felt, and liquid-applied systems.

Key features:

  • Two-way outlets are for connecting pipework through a parapet.
  • Harmer balcony outlets come with a flat grate and are suitable for pedestrian areas.
  • Gulley outlets are for narrow gutter and gulley drainage.
  • Harmer car park outlets are specifically designed for multi-level car parks and utility areas.
  • Horizontal and 45-degree discharge outlets are available for flat roof applications.

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