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Aluminium Guttering

At the Aluminium Superstore, we supply UK aluminium guttering systems by UK manufacturer ARP and offer a vast range of aluminium downpipe systems, gutters, hoppers, and accessories.

Choose from various cast or extruded aluminium and pressed aluminium box gutter options to cover any project requirements.

We have a full range of traditional and contemporary designs of aluminium guttering and downpipe products, a full range of aluminium fittings and accessories, and decorative items.

Shop a huge range of aluminium gutters now and enjoy first class customer service and an experienced team to help you find the right guttering range for your project.

Whether you're looking for traditional style cast aluminium gutters for a period property, aluminium box guttering, or contemporary aluminium guttering for a contemporary property, we have a complete range of products and a range of gutter profiles.

We supply trade building materials to trade and the public at trade prices and source a comprehensive range of aluminium rainwater systems from leading UK manufacturers.

We also deliver direct to you, wherever you need, within 10 working days

Gutters play a critical role in protecting your home against rainwater. Choose aluminium gutters for durability, convenient installation, a choice of finishes and low maintenance requirements. Aluminium products tick all of the above.

Aluminium Superstore has a vast choice of aluminium hoppers, gutters, downpipes, and a range of fittings to help you enjoy the convenience and benefit of aluminium guttering. You have to choose the gutter that suits your project best.

Why You Should Install Aluminium Gutters

Material choices can be overwhelming, but you will rarely go wrong with aluminium gutters. Explore our extensive selection to find the perfect fit for your needs, and experience the lightweight, eco-friendly, fireproof, and low-maintenance advantages that define the aluminium rainwater systems view.


Aluminium gutters have exceptional durability. The gutters can last up to 60 years before showing signs of wear and tear. The gutters get their unique durability properties from aluminium's strength and the aluminium oxide layer that protects them from damage. The gutters can last even longer with enhanced protective coat technologies, depending on the coat used to finish the gutters.


Aluminium gutters are lighter than galvanised steel or cast iron gutters. Being lightweight makes the gutters easy to install. They don't exert much pressure on the fascia or the gutter brackets, keeping the gutters firmly and securely attached for longer.

The lightweight features of aluminium gutters don't impact the strength. They weigh a fraction of the weight of cast iron gutters, but they are nearly as strong as galvanised steel gutters. A keen balance ensures you get the best performance without adding too much weight to your fascia boards.


Aluminium is endlessly recyclable and reusable. When your gutters get to the end of their life, you can send them for recycling. The gutters have a low carbon footprint and don't produce harmful chemicals.


Aluminium has a high melting point, making it an ideal material in public buildings. In case of fire, aluminium will not spread the flames, and because it doesn't melt quickly, it will reduce damage to property in case of a fire.

Our plain mill finish products are inherently non-combustible and fully comply with BS 476-4 fire safety standards.

Additionally, our polyester powder coated products undergo rigorous testing to meet the strict requirements of BS476 parts 6 & 7, ensuring their fire-resistant properties.

Low maintenance

Once correctly installed, aluminium gutters only require periodic cleaning and inspection to prevent clogging and blockages. Because aluminium has high corrosion resistance, the chances of small holes developing and causing leaks are limited.

Leading Supplier of Aluminium Guttering in the UK

Aluminium Superstore has a comprehensive stock hold of aluminium gutters from leading manufacturers to guarantee superior performance and durability.


We offer three types of aluminium gutters. Each type has gutters in different profiles to suit different needs.

Cast aluminium gutters

Our cast range of aluminium gutters features traditional gutter profiles to replicate cast iron. The Legacy product range is available in various profiles and sizes and can be supplied with a polyester powder paint finish in your preferred RAL colour.

Manufactured using traditional die-castings, Legacy Cast Aluminium Gutters offer an ideal alternative to cast iron, particularly for renovation projects, and are exceptionally well-suited for conservation, heritage, and listed properties.

Our cast aluminium selection includes:

  • Plain half-round - Plain half round gutters blend classic design with modern durability. With their smooth, rounded profile, these aluminium gutters suit any property style, from traditional to contemporary. Built from robust cast aluminium, they promise enduring strength against the elements.
  • Beaded half-round - We have beaded half-round cast aluminium gutters for a project that requires more sophistication and character. This selection of gutters has a unique decorative design perfect for modern and traditional buildings. We can deliver the gutters in standard and custom finishes.
  • Deep beaded-half round - The deep beaded (or beaded deep run cast aluminium gutter) aluminium guttering style is perfect for properties with a high-pitched roof of large surface areas. The gutters have higher water-carrying capacity, making them ideal for areas with high precipitation.
  • Moulded OG - Manufactured as a cast iron alternative, Moulded Ogee cast aluminium guttering boasts a deeper profile than the Victorian Ogee style. This ornate Ogee gutter draws inspiration from 19th-century architecture, making it a fitting choice for heritage properties, especially those in conservation areas.
  • Victorian OG - The cast aluminium Victorian Ogee gutter replicates cast iron and is a cost-effective option for a classic heritage appearance with the added benefits of aluminium. This elegant profile features a distinct flat, open 'V' shape, evoking the timeless aesthetics of heritage buildings typically found in the Victorian era.

Extruded aluminium gutters

Versatile Sentinel extruded aluminium gutters are perfect for self-builds, refurbishments, and housing developments. Their contemporary appearance features internal unions for a seamless look while ensuring efficient water drainage with high flow capacity.

Lightweight and competitively priced, Sentinel gutters offer easy installation and exceptional value. With a functional life expectancy of over 60 years and minimal maintenance, they promise enduring quality. Choose from four popular profiles and customise with over 200 BS/RAL colours.

The extruded aluminium gutter profiles include:

Extruded gutters have a modern aesthetic appearance and come in various colours with a protective polyester powder paint finish.

Pressed Aluminium Box Gutters

Engineered from robust 1050AH14 high-strength aluminium sheets, the Legion aluminium box guttering range offers exceptional durability. Pressed aluminium box gutters feature a standard joggle joint profile that can be tailored to bespoke dimensions upon request.

Legion gutters are versatile and ideal for new builds, refurbishments, and various commercial and industrial applications. The lightweight design ensures easy installation, and with an expected lifespan of over 40 years and minimal maintenance, they promise enduring value.

Aluminium pressed box gutter products are sustainable and 100% recyclable.

Exceptional Variety

At Aluminium Superstore, you'll find many aluminium gutter products for residential and commercial properties. As a trusted supplier to the construction industry, we source quality materials and aluminium guttering accessories for a complete installation, including:

  • Aluminium gutters
  • Aluminium downpipes
  • Aluminium Hopper Heads
  • A range of sundries

Standard Sizes

When it comes to sizes, it's all about your project's unique needs. That's why our aluminium guttering components come in a variety of dimensions. You can choose standard sizes or request aluminium bespoke to your project's specifications.

Aluminium Guttering Colour Finishes

We supply products polyester powder coated with various decorative paint colour options. The most common finish is the smooth matt finish in your choice of seventeen standard colour options. We also supply a textured black finish. The textured finish is the perfect alternative to cast iron options, mixing a cast iron appearance with the convenience of aluminium gutters.

See colour options for more information about our colour range, aluminium gutter finishes and any specific custom colour requirements.

We have several standard colours available. The standard colours have a shorter turnaround time, while the custom colours are made on order.

Why Choose Aluminium Superstore?

When purchasing aluminium guttering, you should buy the gutters from a reputable and reliable aluminium gutter supplier.

Aluminium Superstore has years of experience distributing quality aluminium gutter systems to commercial and residential clients. With us, you're assured of:

  • Quality materials:Our vast range of aluminium rainwater systems are manufactured from marine grade aluminium, a durable material with a functional life expectancy of over 40 years.
  • Standard colour options: Available in a wide range of colours, polyester powder coated aluminium guttering systems are corrosion resistant and require minimal maintenance. Products powder coated are made to order and delivery lead times vary.
  • Fast delivery:We have an extensive range of gutter profiles for any type of property and offer a complete service. From traditional gutter profiles in standard gutter and downpipe sizes, to bespoke projects, our technical team can help you find the right products.
  • Gutter lengths: Choose extruded, pressed, or cast aluminium gutters from our comprehensive range in standard sizes, or arrange bespoke aluminium fabrications directly from the manufacturer.

The lowest prices: Shop aluminium gutters from aluminium Superstore for competitive prices across the product range. More than just gutters, our aluminium downpipes & hoppers are affordable, durable, and low-maintenance options for any project.

Aluminium roofline products are becoming increasingly popular. Aluminium gutter products are hard-wearing and modern, giving a smart look to any building.

Modern aluminium gutters and rainwater pipes look elegant and are extremely durable. Pressed aluminium, extruded aluminium and traditional cast aluminium enable you to select the look you want for your project.

Aluminium guttering is also much more durable than plastic guttering, more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and can be recycled when it finally comes to the end of its life.

Order securely or call our customer service team today on 01296 674099 for help.

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