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Aluminium Box Gutter

Aluminium Box Gutter

Box gutters were a critical architectural part of the 20th-century properties or earlier. It may not be as common to see box gutters in modern homes, but that doesn't take away from their unique appearance and effective performance, among other benefits.

Aluminium gutters enhance these benefits by adding a modern, classy appearance to box gutters and making them a more fitting choice for traditional and modern projects. The Aluminium Superstore stock a full range of aluminium box gutters to suit any project.

Why You Should Install Aluminium Box Gutters

If you’re in the middle of a project and you’re already thinking about the type of gutters you will install, there are several reasons you should consider aluminium box gutters like;


Box gutters add a modern and unique look to your property. The straight edge style of the gutters creates an outstanding outline for the home and a more finished look.

The gutters also preserve the appearance of the classic style of traditional homes. If you're working on historic building restoration and the aesthetics matter, you can't go wrong with aluminium box matter. The gutters are designed with vintage architecture in mind.

Better and more drainage

Aluminium box gutters are better looking and also perform better. If your current roof system doesn't drain water well, consider installing a box gutter. Box gutters can move more water without getting clogged. The gutters better prevent your home from water damage, even for homes with a flat roof.

You should also consider going for aluminium box gutters if your home has a large or high-pitched roof. The gutters are broader and deeper. They do a better job of diverting water from the building and protecting the property from water damage.

Seamless installation

Aluminium box gutters are perfect for business or residential properties because of their seamless installation. The seamless installation gives the property a cleaner and more minimalist look and prevents damage caused by leaking joints. The gutters don't sag over time and look excellent while getting the job done. Box gutter installation fits perfectly in your house or business with no gaps. The gutters look perfect around the house.


Aluminium box gutters are made from superior materials and traditional methods that guarantee superior strength and performance. The gutters are made to last. Once installed, the gutters will continue to carry water from the build for years without leaks, sagging, or water damage. Aluminium has excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the gutters can last longer without leaks and with minimal maintenance.

Perfect for historic homes

Aesthetics are essential when restoring a historic house. Most historical buildings came with box guttering. Our range of aluminium guttering would restore the original look of the building while maintaining a modern touch.

Various Aluminium Box Gutter Options

At the Aluminium Superstore, you can choose from various aluminium box profile gutters. You can easily find aluminium box gutters to suit any project with our exceptional variety.


Our aluminium box gutters come in various sizes. Overall, box gutters are wider than half-round gutters. But we also understand the need to have different sizes to cater to varying projects. Our aluminium box gutters come in 5" and 6". The standard length of the gutters also varies to suit various requirements.

Colours and Finish

Our aluminium box gutters come in various colours and have a plain mill finish. We have aluminium box gutters in various RAL and classic BS colours.

All the gutters come with a high-quality, industrial-grade protective polyester powder coat for additional protection. We can also deliver the gutters in several standard colours.

For customers that prefer to have the gutters colour-matched to the rest of the project, we can have the colour customised to order.

With our unique selection of colours, you can install aluminium box gutters that elevate the property's appearance or enhance that vintage appearance. The gutters' quality and the painting ensure the gutter keeps its appearance longer and the paint doesn't fade.

A Full Range of Aluminium Box Gutters 

Our aluminium box gutter collection caters to clients looking to replace worn-out parts of the current system and new installations. The Aluminium Superstore stocks all aluminium box gutters installation components and accessories in one convenient place. Our range includes;

  • Box gutter outlets
  • Box gutter connections
  • Box gutter mitres
  • Box gutter endcaps
  • Box downpipes
  • Box gutter bends

Leading Aluminium Box Gutter Supplier in the UK

The Aluminium Superstore is a leading supplier of aluminium box gutters in the UK. We have a strategic warehouse in the UK, allowing us to deliver aluminium box gutters and accessories nationwide.

We have partnered with reputable aluminium box gutter manufacturers to guarantee quality and high-performance box gutters for all our clients. With our exceptional range of quality aluminium products, you're assured of total rainwater protection for many years. Other reasons why we are a leading aluminium gutter supplier in the UK include;

  • Convenient and secure – You have all your aluminium gutter needs in one convenient and easy-to-access location at the Aluminum Superstore. Our vast selection of gutters caters to every project, and we have a secure payment platform that you can use to complete your purchase. You can confidently shop on our platform and have the gutters delivered to your location quickly.
  • Speedy delivery – We have a fast and convenient delivery service. Some of our gutters are available for next-day delivery while customised and specially manufactured can be delivered within 10 working days. We are dedicated to keeping your project on schedule, even when you place a last-minute order. 
  • Diversity – Besides our selection of aluminium box gutters, the Aluminium Superstore also stocks various other aluminium guttering products that include cast, extruded, and pressed aluminium products. We have aluminium gutters in various profiles, sizes, and colours. We also stock all the ancillary items, including hangers and brackets for securing the gutters.
  • Lowest prices – We have the most competitive aluminium box gutter prices. We will match their price if you can find any other supplier that will beat our prices. Our prices are simply unbeatable. 

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