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Cast Hoppers

Cast Hoppers

Cast aluminium hoppers are an excellent way to take excess rainwater away from your roof and into your downpipes. Cast aluminium is durable and will not rust or deteriorate.

Our aluminium hoppers are available in many different styles and shapes. They can be made to match the style of your home, or they can be made to fit a specific area. They come in different shapes and sizes, but most have a similar design: they have an opening at the bottom through which water flows, draining out of the bottom part of the device.

Rainwater hopper heads can be made using several materials, including aluminium or cast iron. However, aluminium is an increasingly popular choice because it's durable, long-lasting and can cope with heavy rainfall.

These hoppers can be polyester powder coated in many RAL colours, including black, white and brown, or supplied in an unpainted mill finish. Standard colour options are listed on our website.

The cast aluminium hopper is a rainwater collection device that has been around for years. They were originally used to collect rainwater from roofs and use it in the home for various purposes, such as washing clothes or watering gardens. The design of the cast aluminium hopper was very simple and was made up of an open-filtered top with a spout on one side.

So, if you need to be part of these revolutionary hoppers, check the Aluminium Superstore today for the cast aluminium hopper and many other gutter accessories.

Why cast aluminium hopper heads are the best choice

Here are your best reasons to use cast aluminium hoppers:

They Are Durable

Cast aluminium gutters are very durable because they can withstand any weather condition. Their durability comes from their being made from cast aluminium material. The material is highly resistant to corrosion and rust, so it will not get damaged easily by rainwater or snow melt water.

They Are Cost-Effective

Cast aluminium gutters cost less than other metal gutters, such as copper or cast iron ones. This makes them an affordable option for homeowners who want to replace their old damaged gutters with new ones without spending too much money on them.

They Are Easy to Install

You'll receive detailed instructions and have access to our technical support team to make the installation process as easy as possible. Our hoppers are supplied with standard outlet sizes to fit our aluminium gutters and downpipes, with bespoke options available on request.


Cast aluminium is an extremely sturdy material and can withstand the elements. This makes it ideal for areas with a lot of rain and snow. In addition, they're much heavier than other types of material, so they're less likely to blow off in high winds or get knocked off by strong winds during bad storms or hurricanes.

Aluminium rainwater systems are virtually maintenance free

Cast aluminium doesn't need to be painted or treated with chemicals to keep it looking great year after year — clean it regularly with soap and water, applying touch-up paint to any exposed metal to prevent rusting.

A Huge Collection of cast aluminium hoppers

Several different types of cast aluminium hoppers for guttering are available at Aluminium Superstore. We have a huge collection of products, so you can find exactly what you need.

Our range includes rainwater hoppers, which collect rainwater and prevent it from overflowing your gutters.

Large standard range

You'll find round, square and rectangular hopper heads in various sizes and styles. So, if you need help choosing the right size or design for your property, please contact us at Aluminium Superstore.

Some of our standard range includes:

Hopper Head - 63mm Diameter Outlet

Hopper Head - 63mm Square Outlet

Hopper Head - 76mm Diameter Outlet

Hopper Head - 76mm Square Outlet

Hopper Head - 101mm Diameter Outlet

Hopper Head - 101mm Square Outlet

Hopper Head - 101x76mm Rectangular Outlet

Why Choose Aluminium Superstore?

Aluminium Superstore is a leading supplier of aluminium guttering systems and other accessories, with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. We offer a vast range of aluminium hoppers for guttering and other products to help you complete your system.

As well as aluminium downpipes and gutters for various styles of buildings, here is what you get from us:

Friendly Customer Care

Our friendly customer care team is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have concerning your order. They are available by phone during business hours and via email outside of these hours.

Affordable Prices

At Aluminium Superstore, we aim to offer customers high-quality aluminium products at affordable prices. By choosing us as your supplier, you can be sure you're getting the best value for money. We offer a wide range of aluminium products at competitive prices, allowing you to choose a solution that fits your budget.

Quality Products

We source our aluminium rainwater products from reputable UK manufacturers ARP (Aluminium Roofline Products Ltd) – they are durable and built to last. So they will not only look great, but they will also stand up to the test of time!

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