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Aluminium Downpipes

Aluminium Downpipes

At the Aluminium Superstore we have a huge range of Round, Square or Rectangular Aluminium Downpipes with a range of RAL colour options available in stock to be polyester powder coated and delivered direct to you within 10 working days.

Just click on the on the type of Aluminium Downpipes you require and the site will display all the products you are likely to need to finish the job.

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The evolution of guttering and downpipes has been consistent over the past few years. It all started with cast iron downpipes, and then other materials like PVC, steel, lead, copper, and aluminium followed. Each subsequent evolution aimed at solving a problem that was rampant with the previous material.

Aluminium downpipes address most of the challenges that previous downpipes materials have had, like weight, rusting and difficulty in installation. The design and technology of aluminium downpipes have also come a long way, making these the ultimate downpipes for modern buildings for various reasons.

Advantages of Aluminium Downpipes

Aluminium downpipes have become extremely popular in the market for various reasons. If you're a developer, owner, or contractor looking into possible downpipe options, going for aluminium downpipes could be the best decision. Here's why:

Aluminium downpipes are lightweight

Aluminium downpipes weigh a fraction of the weight of cast iron and steel downpipes. However, they are almost as strong as steel downpipes which is a big advantage. Because of their lightweight nature, the downpipes don’t transfer a lot of weight to the siding and fascia of the building, ensuring the installation is cleaner without any damage.

Aluminium downpipes last longer

The expected lifespan of aluminium downpipes is more than 60 years. With proper care and maintenance, the pipes can last longer. Aluminium is an excellent material with superb corrosion resistance properties. The downpipes acquire remarkable weatherproofing abilities for longer service life with our polyester powder coating technology.


The initial prices of installing aluminium downpipes might be higher than PVC downpipes. However, PVC downpipes will require regular maintenance, repair, and replacement over time, increasing maintenance costs. You don't have to worry about repairs or replacements with aluminium downpipes. Just minimal maintenance, which saves you money over time.

Easy installation

Aluminium downpipes are easy to install. Our range comes in a click-fit, seamless design. The pipes fit into each other seamlessly for a leak-free gutter system. With our range of aluminium downpipe installation brackets, you don’t need any special skills or tools to complete the installation.


We stock aluminium downpipes in various configurations. The pipes come in different profiles, and we have a selection of up to 200 RAL colours to choose from. You can have the pipes' colour matched to the project's theme to guarantee stunning aesthetic appeal.

Types of Aluminium Downpipes

We stock various aluminium downpipes to suit various applications and projects at the Aluminium Superstore. Our vast range of options makes it easier for our clients to find the perfect downpipes for their projects.

Rectangular aluminium downpipes

This unique range of seamless aluminium downpipes is available in various dimensions and lengths. The pipes come with a complete range of fittings to give a contemporary or traditional look, depending on the project's end goal. The rectangular aluminium downpipes are perfect for installation around corners and when looking for downpipes that fit seamlessly with the rest of the architecture.

Aluminium Superstore can deliver the pipes in our vast selection of RAL colours to suit the appearance of the building. You can also choose from various designs, including the simple flush joint, the traditional cast collar and the modern swaged downpipes designs.

Round aluminium downpipes

This is the most common type of downpipe. It is extremely diverse in its applications and works well for modern and traditional architecture. Round aluminium downpipes come in various dimensions and lengths with a full range of fittings to facilitate proper installation of the peps. Round pipes are designed for installation on flat walls and blend in well around the corners of the building. 

Clients can choose between the flush joint, cast collar and swaged design. The cast collar option is perfect for restoration projects or projects looking to perfect the traditional appearance.

Square aluminium downpipes

Square aluminium downpipes are quite similar to rectangular profiles. They come in various dimensions and lengths but are more symmetrical and better suited for buildings with many right angles. These aluminium downpipes work for modern and traditional buildings like our other aluminium guttering offerings. We have a full range of fittings to ensure you achieve the traditional or contemporary look you want with your building.

The square aluminium downpipes come in different designs, including swaged, flush joint, and cast collar. Buildings going for a minimalist and elegant look will benefit from the flush joint designs.

Leading Aluminium Downpipes Supplier in the UK

The Aluminium Superstore is a leading supplier and distributor of aluminium guttering products from leading manufacturers. We have years of experience and an extensive range of products to match the needs of our clients. Besides the aluminium downpipes, we also stock a variety of other aluminium guttering productions, including aluminium gutters, hoppers, fittings, accessories and decorative items.  

As a leading supplier in the UK, we have invested in ensuring our clients can enjoy the quality of our products and quality service. Choosing to shop for your aluminium downpipes from the Aluminium Superstore comes with numerous benefits, including;

Speedy delivery

Our fast and efficient delivery service ensures we get your order to the site in the shortest time possible to keep the project on schedule. We have stock aluminium gutters ready for next-day delivery and specially manufactured orders ready for delivery within 10 working days. We offer efficient nationwide delivery for all our clients.

Amazing discounts

We offer substantial discounts for bulk orders. Clients can save up to 10% on their order, depending on the size of the order.

Lowest price guarantee

Even without the discounts, we promise that our prices are unbeatable. We source our aluminium products directly from the manufacturer and supply them directly to the public or trade. We minimise our overheads so we can give you the most competitive prices.

We have the lowest price match guarantee in place. Should you find any other supplier with lower prices than ours, we will match their price.

Huge stocks

We thrive on offering our clients as much diversity as possible. We want you to select aluminium downpipes that elevate your current project's quality, performance, and appearance, and our huge stocks achieve that. You can choose from multiple designs, profiles, sizes, lengths and colours.

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