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Aluminium Downpipes

Aluminium Downpipes

Shop now for a huge range of round, square or rectangular aluminium downpipes with a range of RAL colour options available in stock to be polyester powder coated and delivered directly to you within ten working days.

Just click on the type of downpipe you require, and the site will display all the products you will likely need to finish the job, with a complete range of fittings and accessories.

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The evolution of guttering and downpipes has been consistent over the past few years. It all started with cast iron downpipes, and other materials like uPVC, steel, lead, copper, and aluminium followed. Each subsequent evolution aimed to solve a rampant problem with the previous material.

Aluminium downpipes address most of the challenges that previous downpipes materials have had, like weight, rusting and difficulty in installation.

The design and technology of metal drainage systems have come a long way, making these the ultimate downpipes for modern buildings for various reasons.

Advantages of Aluminium Downpipes

Metal guttering has become increasingly popular in the building industry for various reasons, with sustainable materials a major factor in modern building design.

Opting for an aluminium rainwater system could be the best decision if you're a developer, owner, or contractor looking into the benefits of aluminium rainwater systems. Here's why:

Lightweight replacement for cast iron downpipes

Aluminium downpipes weigh a fraction of the weight of cast iron and steel downpipes, making them the ideal replacement for cast iron rainwater systems.

Because of their lightweight nature, the downpipes don't transfer a lot of weight to the siding and fascia of the building, ensuring the installation is cleaner without any damage.

Long lasting downpipes

Known for its durability, aluminium downpipes' expected lifespan is over 40 years.

Aluminium is an excellent material with superb corrosion resistance properties. With our polyester powder coating technology, the downpipes acquire remarkable weatherproofing abilities for longer service life.


The initial prices might be higher than PVC downpipes. However, PVC downpipes will require regular maintenance, repair, and replacement over time, increasing maintenance costs.

You don't have to worry about repairs or replacements, just minimal maintenance, which saves you money over time.


When it comes to sustainability, there is one clear winner. Aluminium rainwater systems provide an excellent opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of a building and make it more environmentally friendly.

Using aluminium downpipes can also help you save money in the long run due to their low maintenance requirements.

The ideal material for creating stunning architectural features without damaging the environment, aluminium is 100% recyclable.

Easy installation

Aluminium downpipes are easy to install. Our range comes in a click-fit, seamless design. The pipes fit into each other seamlessly for a leak-free gutter system.

With our range of aluminium downpipe installation brackets, you don't need any special skills or tools to complete the installation.

You'll have access to technical guides to show you how to install downpipes properly.


We stock a wide range of rainwater pipes in various styles and sizes. The pipes come in different profiles and can be delivered transit primed or finished in a polyester powder-coated paint.

Popular standard colours include anthracite grey, jet black, oyster white, chocolate brown and moss green. With nearly two hundred RAL colours available, you can match existing elements of your property to guarantee stunning aesthetic appeal.

Cast aluminium is commonly used to replace cast iron systems on period properties or modern homes in heritage and conservation areas needing to replicate the traditional style of cast iron.

Types of Aluminium Downpipes

We stock downpipes for various applications and projects to suit any property.

You'll find a vast range of rainwater products that make finding the perfect downpipes for your project easier.

Rectangular aluminium downpipes

The rectangular range is available in various dimensions and lengths. The pipes come with a complete range of fittings to give a contemporary or traditional look, depending on the project's end goal.

Rectangular aluminium downpipes are perfect for installation around corners and when looking for downpipes that fit seamlessly with the rest of the architecture.

Choose from hundreds of RAL colours to suit the appearance of your building. You can also choose from various designs, including the simple flush joint, the traditional cast collar and the modern swaged rectangular downpipe designs.

Round aluminium downpipes

This is the most common type of downpipe. Its applications are extremely diverse and work well for modern and traditional architecture.

Round aluminium downpipes come in various dimensions and lengths with a full range of fittings to facilitate proper installation of the peps. Round pipes are designed for installation on flat walls and blend well around the corners of the building.

Choose between the flush joint, cast collar and swaged design. The cast collar option is perfect for restoration projects or projects looking to perfect the traditional appearance.

Square aluminium downpipes

Square aluminium downpipes are quite similar to rectangular profiles. They come in various dimensions and lengths but are more symmetrical and better suited for buildings with many right angles. These rainwater pipes look great on modern and traditional buildings and commercial properties.

We have a full range of fittings to ensure you achieve the traditional or contemporary look you want with your building.

The square aluminium downpipes come in different designs, including swaged, flush joint, and cast collar. Buildings going for a minimalist and elegant look will benefit from the flush joint designs.

Leading Aluminium Downpipes Supplier in the UK

Choose the leading supplier and distributor of aluminium guttering products with years of experience and an extensive range of products for any project.

You'll also find a variety of other aluminium guttering productions, including gutters, hoppers, fittings, accessories and sundries.

As a leading metal guttering supplier in the UK, we ensure customers can enjoy our products' quality service.

Choosing to shop with us online comes with numerous benefits, including;

Speedy delivery

Our fast and efficient delivery service ensures we get your order to the site in the shortest time possible to keep the project on schedule.

We have stock aluminium gutters ready for next-day delivery and specially manufactured orders ready for delivery within ten days. We offer efficient nationwide delivery, with free mainland UK delivery on all orders over £500.

Volume discounts

We offer substantial volume discounts for bulk orders.

Depending on the size of your order, you can save up to 10% on your order.

Low price promise

We regularly compare our prices with other online retailers to guarantee that you will not find a comparable product at a lower price elsewhere.

Our customer price promise is simple. If you come across the same product at a lower price, including delivery fees, elsewhere, inform us, and we will try to match the price.

Huge stocks

We thrive on offering you as much diversity as possible. We want you to select downpipes that elevate your current project's quality, performance, and appearance, and our huge stocks achieve that.

You can choose from a comprehensive range of designs, profiles, sizes, lengths and colours.

Choose from Aluminium Guttering, Aluminium Box Gutters, Aluminium Downpipes, Aluminium Hoppers, Deep Flow Guttering and much more.

Bespoke options and special colours are available on request. Our technical team can discuss your specifications.

Call us on 01296 674099 or use our contact form to send your project requirements.

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