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Are you searching for the perfect square downpipe for your home or commercial space? When marrying functionality with aesthetics, square downpipes are your top choice. These aren't just regular aluminium rainwater pipes; square downpipes represent the seamless fusion of state-of-the-art design with premium performance.

Dive deep into our collection, designed to cater to diverse architectural needs.

What is a square downpipe?

A square downpipe is a type of rainwater pipe specifically designed with a square profile, rather than the traditional round shape.

It primarily carries rainwater from a building's guttering system down to the ground or into a drainage system. Not only does the square design offer a distinct aesthetic appeal, often chosen to complement modern architectural styles, but it can also provide efficient water flow, depending on the specific needs and design of a building.

Aluminium downpipes vs plastic systems

Choosing aluminium downpipes over plastic systems comes with several advantages.

Aluminium is known for its durability and longevity, unlike plastic. Due to UV exposure and weather conditions, plastic rainwater piping systems can become brittle and discoloured over time.

Aluminium retains its appearance and strength for decades, often with minimal maintenance. This makes aluminium downpipes more cost-effective in the long run. Additionally, aluminium offers a sleeker, more premium aesthetic suitable for modern and traditional architectural styles.

Environmentally conscious builders and homeowners also prefer aluminium as it's 100% recyclable, reducing the environmental impact when it eventually needs replacing.

Aluminium systems typically provide a tighter fit and better sealing, ensuring optimal performance and fewer leaks compared to some plastic counterparts.

Types of Square Downpipes

Square downpipes blend functionality and contemporary aesthetics. Dive in to explore which square downpipe fits your project best:

Square Swaged Aluminium Downpipes

Are you looking for a streamlined finish to complement your contemporary architecture? Our square swaged aluminium downpipes provide that sleek, continuous appearance.

Manufactured with precision, the swage square downpipe range ensures efficient rainwater drainage while elevating your property's aesthetic appeal.

Square Cast Collar Aluminium Downpipes

Our square cast collar aluminium downpipes are a match made in heaven for those seeking a touch of traditional elegance combined with modern design.

The ornamental cast collar adds a distinctive touch to the downpipe, making it an ideal choice for both period-style buildings and modern homes craving a unique touch.

Square Flushjoint Aluminium Downpipes

If minimalism is your mantra, our square flushjoint aluminium downpipes will captivate your senses. With hidden joints, these downpipes present a smooth, unbroken facade, perfect for modern homes and commercial spaces.

Aluminium rainwater pipes guarantee longevity, rust resistance, and performance.

Square Aluminium Downpipe Product Range

Why choose an aluminium guttering system?

  • Quality Aluminium: We supply ARP aluminium downpipes manufactured using Aluminium extrusion 6060 T4, conforming to BS1474:1972 standards, ensuring robustness and durability.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Committed to a sustainable future, aluminium downpipes are made from 100% recycled aluminium and, after serving your property for decades, remain 100% recyclable.
  • Finish Options: We cater to every aesthetic palate, whether you prefer the raw beauty of a mill finish or powder coating in your choice of colours.
  • Light as a Feather: Despite their strength, our downpipes are incredibly lightweight, simplifying the installation process and ensuring ease of handling.

A Comprehensive Range of Quality Downpipe Products

We stock a complete and comprehensive square aluminium rainwater system perfect for any project.

  • Pipe Lengths: We've got lengths ready for any build, from small sheds to large warehouses.
  • Bends and Branches: For navigating those corners or branching out; choose 92.5, 112 or 135 degree downpipe branch products or bends.
  • Shoes: Direct the rainwater right where you need it.
  • Access Pipes: Makes maintenance a breeze and keeps things flowing smoothly.
  • Rainwater Diverter: Handy for redirecting water and saving the day.
  • Swan Neck & Adjustable Swan Necks: These are great for those unique spots where a standard piece won't do.
  • Downpipe Connectors: Every build's unique; find a downpipe connector or loose connector to add that touch of flexibility.
  • Pipe Clips: Keep those pipes solid and in place.

Overall, our Square Downpipe Range has what you need to get the job done right, look good, and stand the test of time.

Why Choose Our Square Downpipes?

Aluminium Superstore is your go-to choice for unmatched quality and design precision. Elevate your property's aesthetic with our meticulously crafted downpipes.

Aesthetic Brilliance

Our range of square downpipes is designed considering the latest architectural trends, ensuring your property stands out.

Durable & Rust-Resistant

Made of aluminium, these downpipes promise strength and resilience against the harshest weather conditions.

Optimal Performance

Efficiently channel rainwater away, ensuring your property remains damage-free.


Whether it's the swaged, cast collar, or flushjoint design, we have a square downpipe to suit every need.

Product size

If standard size products are unsuitable for your projects, contact us to discuss a bespoke system manufactured to the exact size for your property.

Delivery Charges

Getting your square downpipes to your doorstep swiftly and safely is our top priority. We have a large amount of stock for delivery from our UK warehouse.

Here's what you need to know about delivery options and delivery exclusions:

Mainland UK Deliveries

For orders totalling more than £499, delivery is on us to any mainland UK delivery postcode! If your order falls below £499, there's a £45 delivery fee.

Highlands and Islands

Additional delivery charges apply to all orders regardless of your order total.

Northern Ireland

A £150 delivery charge applies to all orders to NI.

The Channel Isles

Delivery details vary due to different delivery services. Prices are POA.

A few things to note:

Our standard delivery service is Monday to Friday. See our delivery page for more information.

Delivery times might vary slightly if you've opted for bespoke or specially manufactured items.

Place your order online or contact our friendly customer service team on 01296 674099 for help.

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