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Aluminium Guttering

At Aluminium Superstore, we're proud to be your go-to source for aluminium guttering and downpipes. As a trusted supplier of aluminium gutters to the building industry, you’ll find an extensive range of aluminium guttering products for any project.

You'll find the perfect fit for a range of applications, from cast and extruded aluminium options to pressed aluminium box gutters.

Our product range doesn't stop at gutters; we provide a comprehensive selection of aluminium downpipe systems, hoppers, accessories, and decorative items supplied in the colour and finish of your choice.

In addition to aluminium guttering products, you can now order a vast range of roof outlets and wall copings in various sizes and profiles to suit different applications.

We understand that every project is unique, and we're committed to providing you with the right product for your project. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, our experienced team can offer advice and support throughout.

Shop securely from contemporary and traditional gutter profiles, aluminium downpipes, fittings and accessories, all designed to cater to both period property and modern buildings alike.

Why Choose Aluminium for Your Rainwater Systems?

Aluminium stands out as ideal material for gutters and downpipes, offering exceptional durability, lightweight nature, and low maintenance - all while being eco-friendly and fireproof.

Benefits of Aluminium

Here are just some of the many benefits of aluminium guttering:

A Choice of Colours and Styles for Any Building

To ensure your project captures the perfect look, we offer a large range of colours.

ARP's high-quality polyester powder coating is applied in-house per order. Choose from a range of polyester powder coat colours and finishes. Alternatively, have your products shipped unpainted, with a standard mill finish for on-site painting.

We offer several standard colour options. Special colours are available on request at an additional cost.

Whether you're replacing cast iron guttering with our direct replacement options or selecting from our huge range of aluminium guttering products, Aluminium Superstore offers a complete service to support your project every step of the way.


With a functional life expectancy of up to 40 years, aluminium gutters offer ultimate durability thanks to the metal's strength and protective aluminium oxide layer. Enhanced coating technologies can extend this lifespan, depending on the finish applied.

Lightweight & Strong

Despite being lighter than galvanised steel or cast iron, aluminium does not compromise on strength. Its lightweight nature facilitates easy installation and reduces pressure on fascia boards and gutter brackets, ensuring secure attachment over time.


Aluminium's recyclability underscores its environmental benefits. Your aluminium gutters and downpipes can be recycled at the end of their functional life, reducing the carbon footprint and avoiding adding more waste to landfill sites.


Ideal for public buildings, aluminium has a high melting point that prevents the spread of flames, offering an added layer of safety in the event of a fire.

Our products comply with BS 476-4 fire safety standards, with polyester powder-coated options undergoing rigorous testing to meet BS 476 parts 6 & 7 requirements.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium gutters and downpipes require minimal maintenance, making them the ideal choice for reducing the risk of falls and injuries from working at height.

Essential maintenance requirements include periodic cleaning and inspections to prevent clogs. Coated aluminium is corrosion-resistant, preventing small holes which lead to leaks and potentially expensive property damage.

Aluminium Gutter Systems

As a leading supplier of aluminium guttering in the UK, Aluminium Superstore is dedicated to offering an expansive selection of aluminium gutters that combine superior performance with unmatched durability.

Our extensive range of aluminium rainwater systems from leading manufacturers allows you to choose from various gutter profiles and sizes with everything you’ll need to complete your project.

A Huge Range of Profiles

With a choice of pressed, extruded, or cast aluminium gutter systems, you’ll find something for every property; from period to contemporary homes to commercial properties and large industrial buildings, you’ll find an aluminium rainwater system to match.

Cast Aluminium Guttering: Replacement For Cast Iron

Our Legacy range of cast aluminium gutters embodies traditional aesthetics with profiles designed to replicate the classic aesthetic appearance of cast iron guttering, making them particularly suitable for renovation, heritage, and listed properties.

The ideal replacement for cast iron, ARP Legacy cast aluminium guttering systems are manufactured in the UK. Legacy products can be supplied with a textured polyester powder coating for a classic heritage appearance.

The cast aluminium guttering range is available in traditional gutter profiles:

Plain Half-Round Cast Aluminium Gutters

Combining classic design with the resilience of aluminium, our half-round cast aluminium gutters are versatile enough to complement traditional and contemporary property styles, ensuring lasting resilience against harsh weather conditions.

Beaded Half-Round Gutters

For projects that demand a touch of sophistication, ARP Legacy beaded half-round cast aluminium gutters feature a decorative edge, perfect for enhancing both modern and heritage buildings with standard and bespoke finishes available.

Deep Beaded Half-Round

Ideal for properties with large roof areas or in high rainfall regions, deep beaded cast aluminium gutters offer a higher water-carrying capacity, ensuring efficient rainwater management without compromising style.

Cast Aluminium Guttering Moulded OG

Drawing inspiration from 19th century cast iron rainwater systems, our traditional style Moulded Ogee gutters provide a deeper profile than the Victorian Ogee gutter.

Paired with cast aluminium downpipes, Moulded Ogee gutters are ideal for conservation areas and heritage properties seeking a blend of historic charm and modern functionality.

Victorian OG

Victorian OG (or Ogee) guttering mirrors the appearance of traditional Victorian cast iron guttering with the cost-effectiveness and benefits of aluminium. Featuring a distinctive open 'V' shape that evokes the elegance of Victorian-era buildings.

Extruded Aluminium Gutters: Contemporary Sustainable Guttering

For those looking at self-builds, refurbishments, or new housing developments, our Sentinel range of extruded aluminium gutters offers a modern twist.

Lightweight and cost-effective, Sentinel gutters are easy to install and promise a functional life expectancy of over 40 years with minimal maintenance required. With three popular profiles and the option to customise in over 200 BS/RAL colours, finding the perfect match for your project is effortless.

Manufactured in the UK by metal gutter manufacturer ARP, the Sentinel aluminium guttering range features internal unions for a clean, contemporary appearance alongside high flow capacity for efficient water drainage.

ARP Sentinel aluminium gutters are available in the following profiles:

Beaded Half-Round

A sleek and contemporary profile that suits a wide range of architectural styles, offering easy installation and long-lasting performance.

Deep Beaded-Half Round

Designed for enhanced water management, this high-capacity profile is ideal for areas prone to heavy rainfall, combining efficiency with modern aesthetics.

Vintage OG

A nod to traditional designs with the benefits of modern aluminium, Vintage Ogee gutters are perfect for those seeking a vintage look without the maintenance challenges of genuine cast iron.

Pressed Aluminium Box Gutters

Aluminium box gutters are suitable for any property and look equally stunning on industrial buildings and contemporary homes.

Manufactured using high-strength aluminium sheets, the Legion aluminium box guttering range is a durable gutter system designed to offer decades of protection. Featuring a standard joggle joint profile, these box gutters are available in standard sizes and offer unparalleled flexibility for new builds and refurbishments across residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The lightweight design simplifies installation and promises an impressive lifespan of over 40 years with minimal maintenance required.

All aluminium rainwater products are sustainable and 100% recyclable; they align with eco-friendly construction practices.

At Aluminium Superstore, we're committed to providing you with the best aluminium guttering products combined with the expertise and support to ensure the success of your project.

Whether restoring traditional buildings or working on a new-build, you’ll find a comprehensive range of aluminium gutters and downpipes backed by first-class customer service and unparalleled industry knowledge.

Explore our range today and take the first step towards your project with Aluminium Superstore.

Complete Range of Aluminium Downpipes

Colonnade aluminium downpipes are the ideal accompaniment to our gutters.

Made from high-quality aluminium, you'll find several styles for any property.

Downpipes are available in circular, rectangular, and square profiles, with flush joint, eared, security, and swaged aluminium downpipe options and various components and fixings to match.

All aluminium downpipes are:

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Ideal for new builds and refurbishments
  • Shipped nationwide, usually within 7-10 working days

Bespoke and Standard Aluminium Guttering

Understanding that every project has unique requirements, you’ll find aluminium guttering components in various standard sizes and profiles. Bespoke gutters and downpipes can be supplied in your exact dimensions.

Aluminium Guttering Colour Options

All products can be supplied with a polyester powder coat in various decorative paint colour options. Whether you prefer a smooth matt finish or a textured black finish for that cast iron look with the convenience of aluminium, we can supply it.

Please visit our colour options section for more detailed information about standard colour ranges, finishes, and custom colours.

Why Choose Aluminium Superstore?

Ordering with Aluminium Superstore means partnering with a reputable and reliable supplier of aluminium gutter systems for commercial and residential clients.

Durable Aluminium Guttering

Aluminium roofline products are gaining popularity for their durability and modern aesthetic.

Whether you opt for pressed, extruded, or traditional cast aluminium, you can achieve any architectural style for your project without compromising longevity.

Pressed aluminium offers sleek, straight lines, extruded aluminium provides contemporary flair, and traditional cast aluminium replicates the timeless beauty of cast iron guttering, all while ensuring extreme durability.

Order Now

Shop online securely for a huge range of:

Flat Roof Drainage - Harmer Outlets

Harmer aluminium roof outlets are now available to order.

Harmer outlets are meticulously engineered to be compatible with various waterproofing systems. Compatible with our aluminium downpipes, Harmer roof outlets are the perfect choice for efficient flat roof drainage.

Aluminium Copings

Our secret fix aluminium copings are easy to install and suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Aluminium wall coping lengths and all components are designed to click into place, leaving a flush finish.

Copings are available in various sizes, colours and finishes.

Quality Materials

Our marine-grade aluminium rainwater systems guarantee durability with a functional life expectancy of over 40 years.

Colour Options

All products can be supplied with a protective polyester powder coating in the RAL colour of your choice. Alternatively, products can be supplied uncoated, with a ‘mill’ finish for on-site painting.

Standard colours are readily available, while custom colours are available to order on request.

Fast Delivery

Short lead times and a network of delivery partners allow us to offer fast nationwide delivery across the UK. Spend £500 or more for free delivery to any mainland UK address.

Additional delivery fees apply to all non-mainland UK postcode areas.

See delivery options for more information on delivery days and charges.

Expert Advice

Our technical team can answer any questions, help you find the right products for your property, and discuss bespoke projects.

Bespoke aluminium fabrications can be supplied on request. Call us on 01296 674099 or send your project requirements using the contact form.

Competitive Pricing

Aluminium Superstore offers competitively priced products from leading manufacturers. Beyond gutters, our aluminium downpipes and hoppers provide affordable, durable, and low-maintenance solutions for any project.

Sustainable Aluminium Guttering

Choosing aluminium products over plastic alternatives improves the durability and longevity of your rainwater management system and underscores a commitment to using sustainable materials.

Aluminium stands out for its eco-friendly credentials, being infinitely recyclable without losing quality. This means that when your aluminium gutters eventually reach the end of their functional lifespan, they can be fully recycled, contributing to a circular economy and reducing waste.

The robust nature of aluminium guttering ensures it withstands harsh weather conditions, maintaining its integrity and appearance over the years, unlike plastic guttering, which may become brittle and degrade over time.

Material choices are an essential factor in modern building design. Opting for aluminium for your guttering system is a choice for enduring quality, aesthetic appeal, and environmental responsibility.

Ready To Transform Your Project?

The affordable, durable, and low-maintenance options make aluminium a popular choice for homeowners.

Ordering online is simple and secure. Simply add your products to your basket and head to the checkout. Any volume discounts are automatically included at checkout.

Whether you're ready to place an order or need assistance finding the right products for your project, we're here to help. Contact our friendly customer service team on 01296 674099.

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